THMSV 2021 Roadmap

This roadmap can be modified at any time. Each element can be moved, removed, canceled. Each date can be modified as development goes. With this said, I work hard every single day to stick to it as much as possible and possibly add even more things. Thank you for understanding!


Keep in mind that these are the dates on which the new versions will be submitted to the Unity Asset Store, time of approval may vary and is 100% up to the Unity team, but they are usually quick to approve updates.

5th of March 2021

RPG Builder 1.0.3:

  • Documentation (Completed)
  • New DEMO (Completed)
  • Faction System (Completed)
  • Gear Sets (Completed)
  • Enchanting (Completed)
  • Socketing & Gems (Completed)
  • Vitality Actions (Completed)
  • Auto Attacks (Completed)
  • Various new combat features (Completed)
  • (Extra) Conditional Effects (Completed)
  • (Extra) Action Abilities (Completed)
  • (Extra) Loading Screen System (Completed)
  • (Extra) Developer Panel Improvements (Completed)
  • (Extra) Spellbook System (Completed)

15th of April 2021

RPG Builder 1.0.4:

  • Character controller Integration Improvements (Completed)
  • John Stairs MMO Controller Integration (Completed)
  • Overall bug fixes (Completed)
  • Code improvement (Completed)
  • Dialogue System (Completed)
  • (Extra) Weapon Templates (Completed)
  • (Extra) Class-Less RPG (Completed)

15th of June 2021

RPG Builder 1.1:

  • Advanced Region System (Not Started)
  • Editor Filter System (Not Started)
  • Game Modes (Not Started)
  • Combos (Not Started)
  • Toggled Abilities (Not Started)
  • Shapeshifting (Not Started)
  • Mobility Abilities (Not Started)
  • Combat Visual Improvement and Polish (Not Started)

15th of August 2021

RPG Builder 1.1.1:

  • Minor Survival Elements (Not Started)
  • Full mobile support (Not Started)
  • Integrations with popular assets (Not Started)

RPG Builder Survival 1.0 LAUNCH:

  • Action Based Resource Nodes (Not Started)
  • Phase support for Resource Nodes (Not Started)
  • Physic Based Projectiles (arrows etc) (Not Started)
  • Ammunition System (Not Started)
  • Hunger/Thirst system(Not Started)
  • Stamina System (Not Started)
  • Toolbar System (Not Started)
  • Storage Containers (Not Started)

15th of October 2021

RPG Builder 1.1.2:

  • UI Improvement (Not Started)
  • Mount System (Not Started)
  • World Persistency System (Not Started)

RPG Builder Survival 1.0.1:

  • Weight System (Not Started)
  • Item Durability (Not Started)
  • Item Repair (Not Started)
  • Dropping items in the world (Not Started)
  • Timed Crafting (Not Started)

15th of December 2021

RPG Builder 1.1.3:

  • Boss Phases (Not Started)
  • Randomized Dungeons Support (Not Started)
  • Day / Night Cycle, NPCs, and logic (Not Started)

RPG Builder Survival 1.0.2:

  • Farming (Not Started)
  • Breeding (Not Started)
  • Taming (Not Started)
  • Fishing (Not Started)

Dynamic AI 1.0 Launch:

  • Navmesh-less AI system for non-static worlds (Not Started)
  • Advanced Movement (Not Started)
  • Advanced Behaviors and States (Not Started)
  • Advanced Perception (Not Started)