RPG Builder Version 1.1

What’s New ?

  • The RPG Builder editor can now be fully resized, as well as being used full screen


  • The editor is now highlighting the elements that are hovered
  • It is now possible to collapse each module section to improve navigation through the view panel


  • Not releasing before going back to the main menu no longer allow to respawn at the previous world position
  • Fixed an editor bug that used a wrong entry type reference when duplicating a weapon template entry
  • Fixed a wrong calculation for the Weapon Damage Modifier from Damage & Healing effects
  • EXP Bars are now set to 0 / 0 when reaching the last level of a level template
  • Movement speed is now properly reset after changes
  • Fixed a bug that caused stun effects to not be handled properly when a new stun was applied
  • Fixed a code error that did not properly calculate the CD Recovery stat
  • Fixed a code error that did not properly calculate ability stat cost
  • Fixed bonuses not being initialized after being learned from dialogues or items
  • Fixed a bug that caused NPCs to not aggro when they were hit by states that do not deal any damage